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The Ridge

Explore the outback, the Walgett Region and discover a love of opals.  

Lightning Ridge, located north-western New South Wales and near the southern Queensland border,  is one of the must see destinations of Outback NSW.

Lightning Ridge was born due to the discovery of the Black Opal in the region and now, offers a range of unique attraction within and surrounding towns such as; Walgett, Grawin, Glengarry & Sheepyard, Cryon, Rowena & Come by Chance, Cumborah, Burren Junction and Collarenbri.

Our resort is a great starting point (located at the entrance of town and across the road from the Lightning Ridge Visitor Information Centre) for your Lightning Ridge adventure.  

For more information go to wwwlvisitoutbacknsw.com.au 

The Black Opal

Lightning Ridge is famous for being mined for Black Opals since the late 1800's and continues still today.  

Black Opals are generally cut into an oval shape, however this does depend on the natural shape of the stone. They contain every colour of the spectrum, from deepest and clearest blues and iridescent greens, through to golden orange, red and fuchsia.

The top of the mine shafts and their mechanical pulleys are visible when you drive around the fields. Through the local tour operators, you have the opportunity to fossick for your own opal and see an opal cutting demonstration plus much more.

There are a number of wonderful opal shops to visit and the knowledge staff will be able to answer your questions, such as;

  • What is a black opal? 
  • What makes a black opal? 
  • Why are they found around the Walgett region?

For more information go to www.lightningridgeinfo.com.au

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